Digital Transformation

We advance your business through smart and innovative technology solutions

Thimar United

Digital Services

Launching Websites

It aims to achieve a strong and influential digital presence for the client on the Internet, provide a distinctive experience for users, and achieve the client’s digital goals effectively and professionally.

Creating Professional Online Stores

We will build and design advanced, easy-to-use online stores that enable your customers to browse products smoothly and make purchases with ease.

Applications Development

Designing attractive and easy-to-use applications, developing powerful and secure applications, publishing the application on application stores, and ongoing technical support after the application is launched

Cyber Security Services

Cybersecurity risk assessment to identify vulnerabilities in your electronic systems. Develop and implement cybersecurity plans to protect your data and systems from cyber risks. Providing protection solutions against data breaches.

Designing Visual Identities

An integrated and coordinated design of the visual brand elements, from the logo to the colors, fonts, icons and design style.

Improve User Experience

We will focus on improving the user experience across all digital channels to ensure that customers receive a satisfying and distinctive experience that enhances their satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.

Design Social Media Content

We will provide you with creative and engaging content for social media platforms such as images, videos, video clips and marketing texts. The content will be designed in a way that attracts and interests the audience.


Designing and implementing marketing plans, managing advertising campaigns on all social media platforms, as well as campaigns using keywords, as well as email marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We will optimize website content and e-commerce stores to improve their position in search engine results, which increases site visits and increases conversion opportunities.

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